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Parkinson's Conquerors Retford

"Parkinson's Conquerors" is an exercise programme that aims to slow down the progress of your Parkinson’s Disease. Research suggests that exercise of the correct type, the correct frequency and the correct intensity, can slow down the progress of the disease, epsecially when started in the early stages. We have developed our own programme, combining skills learned and devleped from PD Warrior (we ran their licenced classes for 4 years), with our own expertise in Physiotherapy, Pilates and Exercise for Parkinson's. With Jo & Tricia's active involvement in the Parkinson's UK Excellence Network's Exercise Hub, this includes keeping up to date with the latestet developments in scientific research, and with all things exercise. Our classes are predominatly exercise-based, but also include education and a hub for peer-support and professional advice in a group setting.

Parkinson's Conquerors Classes Are Currently Running As Hybrid Sessions: Face-To-Face And Live Online Via Zoom.

This unique therapy approach will help to build your confidence, improve your mobility and help you to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Our classes revolutionises not only the therapy that is delivered to people with mild symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but also when it is delivered, how it is delivered and why it is delivered.

Research suggests that exercise is the only way currently known with the potential to slow Parkinson’s disease down.

It is estimated that at diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, the majority of cells that produce dopamine have already been destroyed. Medication helps relieve some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, but it does not protect the remaining cells. This means that as the disease progresses, these remaining dopamine cells will continue to be destroyed and symptoms will progress. Don’t wait until it is too late. The right kind of exercise can also slow down the progression of your disease. Start your Parkinson's Conquerors program now!

“Steve has attended the Parkinson’s Conquerors group, first on a face-to-face basis, and then when Covid struck by zoom. He has benefited a great deal from the both the exercises and the camaraderie within the group. It has been good to be able to discuss what individuals have found has helped them and latest treatments available to name a few. He was referred only recently to an NHS physiotherapist by his PD nurse. On attending sessions with her he was informed that he was as fit and well as he is by the attendance of the PD course and exercises lead by Tricia. I would highly recommend this group to all levels of Parkinson's Disease sufferers.”

Steve & Pam Patchett

“Tricia and her exercise groups have been an enormous help to me and my Parkinson’s Disease. Her enthusiasm and her motivation have been an inspiration to me, and she is always mindful of my safety during the exercises which gives me great confidence. All of these attributes, along with her infectious personality, her friendliness and her professional approach to work, give me great pleasure in recommending Tricia and her Parkinson’s exercise classes”

Paul Tuddenham

"Parkinson's Conquerors" is designed for people who are:
  • In the early stages of idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease
  • Reasonably fit and healthy
  • Motivated individuals

If your symptoms are progressing, or if your condition is more complex, we also offer alternative Pilates and exercise-based classes at our clinic in addition to 1:1 sessions.

How you live with Parkinson's is up to you. Our classes can help you:

  • Build your confidence
  • Move more freely
  • Re-train your brain
  • Slow down the progress of the disease
  • Get back into life!
"PARKINSON'S CONQUEROR" Treatment in Retford

Understanding what type of Parkinson’s you have, what activities you are having problems with, and what your goals are, are all assessed and addressed by Tricia or Jo in your initial assessment. This consists of 2 x 1-hour private sessions. A third private session is focused on teaching you the first ten exercises and setting up your own personalised homework program. You can then join our classes if both you and your Physiotherapist feel you are ready, or you can choose to continue with private appointments. Whatever you choose, regular practice at home is essential to make a life-changing difference and to keep you in peak physical and mental health at every stage of the disease.

We recommend a follow-up assessment after your first 12 weeks - so you know what improvements you have made from attending our programme.

DO THE Parkinson's Conqueror Course

This is our signature program and a great way to get the best results from Parkinson's Conqueror. 12 weeks gives you the chance to create new routines, habits, and a life-long commitment to an exercise you enjoy and that helps. Our classes have changed lives, and we’d like to change yours too. Join our Parkinson's community and do something you will be thankful for in the future.

Parkinson's Conqueror classes currently run on Wednesdays @ 4.45pm with Tricia

Hear from one of our Parkinson’s Conquerors

“Nine years ago I realised something was wrong and within months was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Everyone said keep active and fit. I walked daily and gardened but as time went on the walking dropped off and I began to struggle in the garden, so I looked for something else. My next door neighbour who happens to be a physiotherapist suggested I try Retford’s Physio Pilates, so I rang left a message and was soon talking to Jo who explained carefully the range of classes they offered, including Parkinson’s Classes. It sounded just the thing I was after. Exercise for an hour under the tuition of a physio who understands the problems affecting people with Parkinson’s. The class can be done at their facility or online and it is specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s. Just the job. So I signed up.

The good thing was that you are assessed before you start. Over the years I have had a number of such assessments but this was by far the most comprehensive I’ve had and acted as a base for assessing the impact of the class (and yes I did improve – significantly).

Because of COVID I’ve only experienced the classes on Zoom so far. They take the same format. The therapist checks how everyone is, they take you through a warm up and then exercise 10 to 12 exercises specifically designed to tackle issues people like myself have: Stiffness, lack of flexibility, loss of muscle strength etc. You are shown the correct way to do the exercise and monitored to ensure you don’t take short cuts. At the end there is a warm down session and review.

Not for you? Think again. The class is mixed ability, one participant is in a wheelchair, equal numbers of men and women, friendly and effective. After 10 weeks I was reassessed and had improved significantly across the board. Oh and I’m in my early 70’s, have started walking again and looking forward to gardening this year.”

Nigel Needham

“Thanks to Physio Pilates Retford for keeping me active on the golf course after my Parkinson’s diagnosis. Thanks especially to Tricia and her Parkinson’s Conquerors classes. Tricia Is so enthusiastic and encouraging, always happy to help with any new problems or finding out more about new ideas or products for Parkinson’s. The future is brighter with Tricia leading us!”

Carol Feeke

Price List

  • Initial Assessment
    2 x 60 minute appointments


  • Follow-up appointment / 1:1 sessions

    Minimum of 1 required prior to classes

  • Course of 12 classes

    £120 - £180
    depending on numbers per class

  • Follow-up Assessment
    60 - 90 minute appointment at 12 weeks


  • Additional Course of 12 classes

    Depending on numbers per class

  • Equipment


For further information on Parkinson's Conqueror in Retford, please contact us on 07543 944938

For further information on exercise for Parkinson’s Disease, why not take a look at the “Parkinson’s UK” exercise framework here: Parkinsons Exercise Framework