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1:1 Assessment & Tuition

All Clients of Physio Pilates Retford must undergo an initial consultation and assessment prior to commencing classes or follow-up 1:1 Pilates sessions.

This session will include an assessment of your posture, spinal and joint mobility, and muscle length and function. Your Physiotherapist will teach you the key elements of Pilates, ensure you know how to set your body in neutral alignment to achieve the most benefit out of future Pilates exercises, and teach you how to engage your core stabilising muscles.

This assessment not only determines your current level of ability in Pilates, but it also highlights any “problem” areas to work on. It also means that the content of the class or follow-up 1:1 sessions can be planned in advance, and your Physiotherapist will be aware of which exercises to pay particular attention to.

The consultation aspect gives you the opportunity to ask questions and highlight any concerns you may have about commencing Pilates, be it due to pain, pregnancy or just uncertainty.

Prior to your initial assessment, you will be sent a health questionnaire and registration form to complete. This can either be sent by e-mail or by post.

"I am 57 years old and had experienced lower back pain for several months. I also felt very lethargic and had had no energy or fitness to carry out simple household tasks for some time. I needed to resolve the situation, so started to go to Pilates classes at Pilates Clinic Retford. The classes are fun and each class is different. I found that I was regaining my fitness and movement while enjoying myself! Following attending classes regularly and repeating the excercises (occasionally) at home, I now feel that I am a different person. I am able to do my own gardening again, and have started horse riding for the first time in 15 years. I also feel sufficiently agile to check out and climb into a 2-seater aircraft, and have just passed my medical to enable me to regain my Private Pilots Licence."

Chris MacLennan

1:1 Follow-up Sessions

1:1 sessions may be more appropriate for you if you are:

  • Recovering from surgery
  • Have post-natal or pregnancy related problems
  • Have a complex neurological condition
  • Have current back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Are new to Pilates and want to build your confidence prior to commencing classes
  • Would prefer 1:1 sessions to improve your personal Pilates techniques
  • Are unable to get off the floor independently

1:1 sessions will be tailored specifically for you, and exercises that are most appropriate to your needs will be focused upon. A personal Pilates based home exercise programme will be developed, and exercise sheets will be produced at the end of each session.
1:1 sessions can be booked on a weekly, fortnightly or less frequent basis – it’s up to you.

"Just to say thank you to Jo and her staff as it is a very professional, caring service which promotes wellbeing and happiness at many levels."