Coronavirus Update & Face-to-Face Appointments Click Here

Face-to-face appointments are now available at the clinic.


While social distancing remains, all classes are taught online only. We have 2 options - Live online Pilates classes or pre-recorded Pilates classes.

We also offer Live online 1:1 Pilates and Physiotherapy consultations for assessment and/or treatment. Online is ideal for movement analysis, advice, education, and exercise-based treatment approaches. We can still see you, we can still hear you, and we are able to assess, teach, correct and progress your rehabilitation effectively too.

If online isn't appropriate for you or for treating your condition, we have now reopened the clinic for face-to-face Physiotherapy appointments. We must still screen and risk assess every individual by telephone or video link before we can arrange an appointment at the clinic, and you must read and agree to our Coronavirus policies and procedures for reducing the risk of virus transmission at the clinic, and steps YOU MUST TAKE to help us keep these risks minimal.

Pre-booked appointments only
Screening and risk assessment are required

Physiotherapy Treatment & Pilates Classes Also Available Online

"Thank you so much Jo and team for all your hard work in getting the online courses and pre-recorded lessons up and running. They really are great. It shows how committed you all are."

Chris Collins

Award Winning
Physiotherapy and
Pilates Practice
in Retford

Award Winning
Physiotherapy and
Pilates Practice
in Retford

Pilates classes &
1:1 sessions

Ideal for back, neck and shoulder complaints, rehabilitation post-injury, strength and muscle tone, postural correction, strengthening the pelvic floor, injury prevention.


Conditions we treat include Back complaints, Neck complaints, Joint complaints, Sports Injuries, Ligament injuries, Muscular injuries, Repetitive strain injuries (RSI), Arthritis, Sciatica, rehabilitation post-joint replacement.

Neurological Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy & Elderly Rehabilitation

Physio & OT for Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Balance / Walking Difficulties, Upper Limb Function, Falls...

"Great facility and really good attention to detail. Well on the way to being a centre of excellence."


All Physiotherapy sessions, Occupational Therapy sessions and Pilates classes at our practice are run by highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, committed to providing you with the highest quality of care.

Our small team includes Physiotherapists whose experiences include:

  • Masters degree in their specialist field
  • Lecturing in Physiotherapy and Pilates across the United Kingdom
  • Research published in peer-reviewed medical journals

With a solid base of education and experience, and continually drawing on the latest research in Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Pilates, you can be confident that following our assessment and analysis of your complaint we will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and the best quality of treatment for your rehabilitation.

At Physio Pilates Retford we adhere rigorously to the high standards set out by the following state recognised governing bodies:

All Physiotherapists working at Physio Pilates Retford are registered with the CSP and the HCPC and have undergone enhanced DBS checks.

All Occupational Therapists working at Physio Pilates Retford are registered with the RCOT and the HCPC and have undergone enhanced DBS checks.

The practice is registered with the ICO (and listed on the Data Protection Register), and we adhere strictly to the GDPR laws; a copy of our privacy policy can be viewed here.